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Be Still...

Be Still…

Around the world, love, humanity resounds

Music and voices sound

Hope echoes like church bells in a dale

As we are quickly shrouded in a dark veil

We feel alone

Fears grow, guardian angels moan

A new world surrounds us

Anxiety abounds us


Once obscene

Now a reality

It is the military, apothecary

Against this enemy, extraordinary

But the greatest warrior is present in this war

One that evil does abhor

He is on our side

And soon He will turn the tide

Compassion takes center stage

The unseen evil powerless to fully rage

As voices from balconies serenade

Love and care cascade

Medical professionals, first responders stay

The faithful pray

All creating a unified brigade

Against this invisible plague

Be still my anxiety

Be still my fear

Be still my restlessness

God is near

Our prayers He will hear

To Him we are dear

Be still my hopelessness

Be still my despair

Be still disquiet

Instead sing, speak up in prayer!

Chains of petitions climb to heaven

They beckon

Calling in the night

Longing for days when the sun shone bright

For today, we are in a deadly plight

Be still my fright

Be still tonight

We will win this fight

By: Ivana Segvic-Boudreaux

March 22, 2020

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