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The Power of Yet

The heartfelt wordsmith, poet, author and inspiration, Dr. Seuss once said, “Adults are just outdated children.” 

So often, I wish I could see the world as I once did, when I was a child. During the times I am successful in doing so, like a field of Truffala trees, the world seems to be a happier and much more beautiful place. But I am fortunate in that I have three little inspirations--my girls. They help me stay young at heart. They help me see through their eyes, live through their souls and feel through their hearts.

We find ourselves in difficult times of stress, anxiety and fear. But if we turn to the younger generations, perhaps we can see the world as they do: With hope, joy and limitless possibilities.

A couple days ago, my trio gave me a personal performance. I found the concept surprising, uplifting and simply inspirational. This was one of those times when they taught me a lesson, rather than the other way around. Aren’t those some of the best and proudest moments in parenthood?

Dani (10), my middle daughter, wrote this short skit, titled “The Power of Yet,” and performed it with her sisters, Sofia (12) and Jacqueline (8).

What a great time to think about The Power of “Yet” especially in these times! I hope they inspire you as much as they did me. ISB

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