Kevin's Angels: Once upon a time, 
there were three little girls...

Boudreaux's Angels:
Once upon a time there were 3 little girls...

Once upon a time, there were three little girls, who belonged to the Boudreaux family. One of them was headstrong, with a truly sensitive heart. The other was as a gentle, sweet-hearted girl whose goal was to never get in trouble. And, the third was a tiny, boisterous firecracker of a girl whose wise charm could outwit the toughest of characters. They all were, quite hazardous cuties.

If this beginning sounds slightly familiar, it should. Charlie’s Angels--the ‘70s TV show where three gorgeous, independent women tackle bad guys—is an obsession with my little angels.

The girls fell in love with the show and they each have a favorite character. So, play involves the three of them, as Jill, Kelly and Sabrina, taking on the evil of the world, creating all sorts of made up cases that they get to solve. Little do they understand that in reality, each of them in their own way, had to fight to make it into this world.

While I am sure I have experienced what thousands of other mothers have in terms of pregnancy and raising three girls, I hope to share the stories that may resonate or perhaps even help someone realize that when it is difficult, it does get better. Parenthood is demanding. As the cliché goes, no one gives you a manual with your first child and no one gives you a roadmap. So, the paths we take are individual, hopeful, prayerful… We hold our breath and trust that the decisions we have made are the ones best for our children and our families.

Sometimes it feels as if you put that quarter into the slot machine and are watching the numbers roll with anticipation, not knowing if you won at least a little something, or lost, yet again. But then there are those times where the numbers land perfectly and you just know it couldn’t have turned out better. That’s parenthood. A large, ambiguous slot machine. Some days you win. Others you lose. Some days it’s a blast and other days you wish you’d never played the game. But nothing could ever keep you from having started the journey, because, it is the most adventurous, rewarding journey of your life. And in the end, you know you wouldn’t change a damn thing.

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