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The CROjourney

uly 2001 was the last time I visited my homeland. It was right before the Twin Towers came under heinous attack and our country and the world were forever changed. 

For reasons I hope to one day be able to articulate, I was unable to go back to Croatia. 

y husband has never seen the country where I was born. And my three girls, who are dual citizens of Croatia and the United States, have never seen the country of their maternal ancestors

This year will be our first trip to Croatia and my first trip since 2001. I am nervous, excited, nostalgic, hopeful that things haven’t changed, yet anticipating that they have. The depth of connection I feel to a country in which I only spent 7 years of my life is complex. I, myself, do not quite comprehend why I feel such deep ties to it. Yet I unexplainably and profoundly do.

The stories here, in this Crojourney are from my summer in Croatia.

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